Tinder for Most of the guys! xD

Someone is out there and they would feel attracted to some obese and short dude.

Your personal image is the front door to your life, it matters, but is only a tiny bit of it.

If you're not in the "standard" life gets hard and is almost impossible to get casual sex, but is not that hard to date.

The problem is: Tinder is made and directed to supermodels and people who try to impress they so the profile of the casual people keeps being buried.

The person above you could totally find a date and get in a relationship out of tinder, maybe using instagram or facebook, some place where the image still matters, but is not everything, so they can show who they are.

There is not a category of "ugly to date" people, there is people that is not in the standard pushed by out society and they get fewer options, but they still can.

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