Tips to writing new material.

Most of my routine is off television, so for me, i just do my best to try and recreate the show on stage as fast as i could, while getting people who don't know what I'm talking about a better picture.

But i usually warm up with fast jokes that are somewhat LA focused, and off my own pet peeves and annoyances.

Example - i hate jump scares and haunted houses, i can and will deck you! (Then i say the story annoy getting kicked out of a haunted house for punching a zombie and his oatmeal mask clean off)

Another thing that helps me out is admitting my guilty pleasures... We all have them, rather it's jack in the box tacos, watching drunk people say the dumbest shit, or one of my favorite guilty pleasures - looking at audiences AFTER a very disappointing movie. You don't need to pay the money because odds are in 5 minutes somebody says the ending and another comes up with a conspiracy theory for possible sequels... it's just plain fun!

I kind of play taboo a bit - no political jokes because you can do so much trump, no dating or sex jokes, because "I'm a good fuck" (I'm sure that's on yelp somewhere) and very minimal racial jokes (because it's not my wheelhouse)

But will i make a joke about how i sound like I'm going through labor every time i try and do anything at the gym? ABSOLUTELY!

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