So tired of this game... [rant in comments!]

Let's get one thing straight - I rarely, if EVER initiate vote to kicks. But lets think about this - if a player is AFK for 4 rounds... you should kick? Happened a few games ago.

2 Games ago, a player disconnects during play, losing us a player. He then RECONNECTS as a dead person. Next round starts, the bastard disconnects again. Reconnects before the end of the round. NEXT ROUND - AFK / Disconnects, RECONNECTS BEFORE WE CAN START THE NEXT ROUND and then Disconnects AGAIN! Jesus christ that is FOUR GOD DAMN ROUNDS that this bastard has cost us and DENIED us a BOT because of his shitty internet. Then he proceeds to afk for another round. OF COURSE I initiated a vote to kick, because he either doesn't have a connection sufficient for competitive play, or is somehow doing some next level trolling to avoid a kick due to inactivity. Farming cases maybe?

My most recent game starts going south, so of course one of the silverteens decides it's time to pull out and move on. Requests that he be kicked. I do not initiate, but since he's literally ASKING to be kicked, FEEDING or just not playing, I voted yes?!

And so valve gives me a 20 minute cooldown for VOTING in player kicks - PRO TIP - DON'T VOTE YES ON A KICK EVER.

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