So tired of seeing an adult who legit caught a baseball at a game being shamed for not giving the ball to some kid.

My husband, who is 6' tall, caught a foul ball at a baseball game. It's been my lifelong dream. Since he's tall he was able to just stand and reach out by a kid's seat who was a seat or two over (who probably wouldn't have caught it anyway). He got booed so I told him to give it to the kid so we wouldn't get hate on for the next 2 hours. Kicker is I was visiting from out of town so it's not like we'd have a hundred more chances to make it happen at my hometown park. Like, sorry a 5 year old doesn't have the same reflexes as a fully grown man? Get over it it's not like he ripped it from the kid's hand. But in case it made it on local news I didn't want the whole city to see us get booed out of the game.

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