Tired of seeing so many relationship posts. Single ladies of Reddit, what do you love about being single!?

Alright, I wasn't replying to her comment. Not sure where you got that idea

I got that because she posted that comment, random guy numbered answered to her "can't you do that in a relationship?" and you concurred with him. That is kind of how chains of comments work.

Even if I was, I would've been referring to the fact that she said she didn't have time to do her hobbies and felt pressure to shave.

But she didn't say that. That is what you want to read for whatever reason. She said she couldn't selfishly indulge in all her hobbies. This is preceded by a sentence about taking the other's need into account and followed by referring to being accommodating. It is pretty clear in context that she absolutely doesn't mean she doesn't have time to do her hobbies but is just referring to the normal "obligation" to balance your and your partner's needs in a relationship. If that wasn't clear enough, she clarified it in another comment "I'm not one to get attached to the hip, or defer to someone else all the time when it comes to making plans, but if I'm in a relationship with someone, I'm going to try to accommodate their needs/interests/schedule at least a little bit.". So yes, she does take time for herself in a relationship but when single, she takes a 100% of the time for herself.

I am not going to do a text analysis of the entire thread but you are reading sad unhealthy examples when people are just talking about normal give-and-take (not saying there aren't a few post referring to abusive relationship but they are exceptions).

I have specifically answered to the examples that shocked you the most (the TV at 2 am, the shaving, the dressing / doing your hair...) and shown you how they can and do happen in good relationships. There is also a post above where someone clarifies the food thing.

Anyway, you will interpret those examples as you wish. I have tried to show you another side, I will stop here.

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