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so he said every store that existed before Cydia was incorporated into Cydia??

Yes. Rock was bought, the content of installer and icy were included into repos that can be accessed via cydia (at least the updated tweaks).

Because that was a buy out and also thats only 1 store...How many where there before Cydia??

Beside the big ones (Rock App, Icy and Installer) I can only remember one more store, but I really have no clue how it was called anymore. So as far as I know, Four.

Every year or so, someone announces a new "Cydia competitor". Saurik says it happens about once a year. Do you know how many of those received positive feedback from SaurikIT?? Probably not many judging by how they react to it now...

Geohot made the first jailbreak in 2009 (let's ignore iPhone Dev Team's iBrickr, because that was barely a jailbreak we think of nowadays). In the last 6 years have been (as mentioned) 4 cydia-alternatives (rather predecessor, but nevermind) - that makes every one and a half year one store. Cydia and Rock have been combined ("Cydia Rocks!") and Icy wasn't even a competitor in my opinion. But to answer the question, No - I can't remember the relationship between those stores. But that's the downsides of competition. If you complain about the fact, that a competitor doesn't approve the work of another competitor, you should vote for Community...

SaurikIT always (prove me otherwise, except iMods, because that's [as said] the shit about competition, not sauriks shit) let people do whatever they want. That's the idea of jailbreaking. Yet, as you said yourself, saurikIT is the head of our community - that's the reason they talk about stuff in their community, because it affects them. People want them to make a statement about upcoming things. If one (political) party makes a statement, the others have to make a statement about that statement, because their supporters want to know, how they look at the things going on.

Who says the interest of SaurikIT are the same as The Jailbreak Community?

The simple fact that saurik sits down for hours to write an essay about all the drama in the community. The fact, that saurikIT is literally only build up on the community. The fact, that they are making jailbreakCon's for every interested jailbreaker. The fact that alot of the money that saurikIT earns get invested into the community. The fact, that saurik always tells us his interests - (that's actually what community vs. competition is about). And last but not least the fact, that saurik made saurikIT only because law forced him to do so. A company has other rights then a single person.

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