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I'm implying that is easy to deal with it because based on the numerous debuffs that we have right now i consider it the easiest and it's only in 1 instance that i have found blind possibly a trouble which is Enel Skull Island where if you don't hit it properly you are done in the next turn meaning that as a sailor i consider it completely useless/outdated instead i would prefer special bind,special rewind,paralysis,base stat boost and beneficial orbs e.t.c much more useful. Since you said that you are playing for 5 years you know quite well that there are way harder debuffs to go against than blindness. If you find hard to hit perfects in general then it's good idea to practice that is not making fun of you but stating what i did and went against. Also, it may sound weird but i see the line of the attack when a unit is blind and even without any blind remover sailors or blind remover specials/supports e.t.c i have no trouble at all against it. The practice can help a lot especially when you are obtaining new units or for units that their animation is trouble for you.

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