[TMZ] Pop Smoke's Alleged Murderers Charged, Could Face Death Penalty

How about I talk about how an officer said he could ruin me since I was in cuffs after a straight forward argument with my parents? Saying he would beat my ass if I said another word. While cuffed in the backseat. You don't know shit, whiteboymiami

oh no! he said hed beat your ass?! thats so rought dude!

shut up. im white and have had multiple cops point their guns right at me and say if i move they will fucking shoot me. after throwing me in a cop car for an hour (since you havent been in one, it hurts to be handcuffed and thrown in one, pussy) they let me go and said "sorry, we're here for your protection, hope you know that". i fucking hate pigs, but quit blaming your shit on color, ive had way worse experiences as a white dude and i havent done shit but be in an area. go make a post when youve experienced real shit you pussy bitch

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