Today in 1984/Leftism in a nutshell: Peaceful BLM protesters shoot 24-year-old Indiana mother in the head for saying "All Lives Matter"... MSM silent

I was using the term "peaceful BLM protesters" because that is the newspeak phrase MSM - and individuals similar to yourself - have been using to downplay and excuse the significant amount and spike in violence associated with the BLM movement/rhetoric. I was trying to be respectful of the terms leftists have been using to describe these people for weeks.

Using your own argument though, it is simply false that unarmed black people are more likely to die by police than white people. That has easily been disproven by basic criminal statistical data. And to further suggest that me not supporting BLM with its associated violence and their false, divisive, and corrupt political/Marxist motives is equivalent to me supporting police brutality is simply ignorance and the type of childish argument I would expect from a sheepish leftist, who lacks functioning brain-cells. There is a difference between agreeing with the statement "black lives matter" and agreeing with the underlying ideology, rhetoric, and tactics being used by the BLM movement/entity. This type of linguistic manipulation/propaganda that people like you are trying to play is why I used "1984" in the title.

"If you’re more against the protests than the police, it’s hard to imagine a reason other than racism."...another childish straw man argument and attempt to play the "muh racism" card. In case you have not noticed, the story at hand is a mother being shot in the head by BLM activists for saying "All Lives Matter". I have consistently and unequivocally referred to the massive amount of violence associated with the movement. Not only has there been massive spikes in death, but there has been billions in associated property damage since the start of the "peaceful BLM protests" in democrat-run cities across the country particularly in areas where police were asked to stand-down.

So thank you again for proving my point perfectly with your response, and again resorting to a straw man argument. I am going to end this conversation with you here.

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