Today I am thankful that I live in a country where I have the freedom to say fuck God, fuck Muhammad, fuck Jesus and fuck religion. In some countries, like saudi arabia, atheism is considered terrorism and blasphemy can get you executed. This thanksgiving, I am thankful for freedom from religion.

Nah, it's just moderate Muslims. Being bombarded by MEMRI TV islamophobic videos day in and day out makes you think that the extremist point of view is the mainstream. It's like if someone quoted US right wing extremists and translated to other languages but never showing any other opposing opinions. Just right wing extremists. Then people would claim all Americans are like this because that's the only side they're exposed to.

It's demonization. They want you to think the majority of Muslims are out to get you when really the majority just want to go to work, put some food on the table for the kids, take small vacations, have a family, love and laugh.

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