Today is Commemoration of Atatürk, Youth and Sports Day in Turkey The beginning of the Turkish War of Independence

dude, I'm sorry, if you got information from a Turk in Holland, that's a problem. Turks in Europe are generally conservative. In a nutshell, most Turks in Europe seem to us not to be Turks. When I was working in a hospital in Turkey,a Turk from Germany came to the hospital,he seems to be not a turk. Most people in Turkey did not care that Hagia Sophia was a mosque. In any case, this was something Erdogan did for show purposes. When the opposition parties heard about it, they say "I dont care". Erdogan did so to see reaction from opposition parties. Even he was surprised when he didn't see the reaction.So not every event is a Crusader war, as you are told. It was a move he made for domestic politics.I know that your media are constantly propagating Erdogan to you, but everything is not as it seems from the outside.

Btw , if a Turk in Europe is not secular, don't trust it too much. Half of Turkey supports Erdogan, half does not. That's why all this mess. Look ,the European media constantly portray Erdogan as an extreme Turkish nationalist, an extreme Islamist. I and my family,even my relatives, did not vote for Erdogan once, and I can say that Erdogan is not a Turkish nationalist, and the reason he gets votes from people is religion. Religion in Turkey is comedy. 30% of Turkey meets the requirements of religion and the rest does not care. Turkey is full of tengrists and deists who consider themselves Muslims.

thanks for the reply

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