Today completes 10 years of Realengo school shooting. 12 children were killed, 10 girls. The shooter sought revenge for bullying and killed innocent children.


Suicide letter left by the perpetrator"

"First, they must know that the impure cannot touch me without gloves, only the chaste or those who lost their chastity after marriage and did not engage in adultery can touch me without wearing gloves, that is, no fornicator or adulterer can have direct contact with me, nor anything that is impure can touch my blood, no impure person can have direct contact with a virgin without his permission, those who take care of my burial must remove all my clothing, bathe, dry me and wrap myself totally naked in a white sheet that is in this building, in a bag that I left in the first room on the first floor, after being wrapped in this sheet you can put me in my coffin. If possible, I want to be buried beside the grave where my mother sleeps. My mother's name is Dicéa Menezes de Oliveira and is buried in the Murundu cemetery. I need a visit from a faithful follower of God in my grave at least once, I need him to pray in front of my grave asking for God's forgiveness for what I did praying that Jesus would wake me up from the sleep of death to death. eternal life."

"I left a house in Sepetiba that no family member needs, there are poor institutions, funded by generous people who care for abandoned animals, I want this space where I spent my last months to be donated to one of these institutions, because animals are beings very despised and need much more protection and affection than human beings who have the advantage of being able to communicate, work to feed themselves, therefore, those who appropriate my home, I ask you to have common sense and comply my request, by fulfilling my request, will automatically be fulfilling the wishes of the parents who wished to pass this property on to my name and everyone knows that, if they do not fulfill my request, they will automatically be disrespecting the wishes of the parents, which proves that you do not have no consideration for our parents who are already asleep, I believe you all have some consideration for our parents, prove it by doing what I asked. "

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