Today, the FCC votes on the fate of net neutrality

We didn't have a choice about tiered data. We have a choice about this.

When my ISP starts charging more for Facebook, every Facebook account in my house will be deactivated. When they start charging more for Netflix, I will cancel Netflix and still will not get cable. When they charge more for YouTube, my household will stop using it. When Amazon access costs more, we'll stop buying from Amazon. And so on.

Purely negative results. The ISPs gain nothing from our household, and everybody they target loses.

They will ruin so many businesses, spawning so many lawsuits, that these ISPs will have to stop. The way to save Net Neutrality is to stop using anything the ISPs charge more for.

You need Internet access for email, banking, paying your bills, and directions on the road. That's it. Everything else is luxury. ISPs are planning a business model similar to ticket scalpers. Give them the finger and keep only what you need.

I hope every ISP who takes advantage of this is challenged by so many businesses that they are completely dismantled and driven out of existence in court. Fuck them.

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