Today I finally, finally cried the ugly tears in therapy

Thanks, I had a look. What they won't tell you is it is nearly impossible to prove. One of the great ironies of all this is that I specialize in criminal negligence which has a higher burden of proof.

Medical negligence has a massive get out of jail free card. There is an implied consent in medicine. AKA silence is consent. So if they aren't trained to see a trauma response then they can violate you and it doesn't breach the law. Its fucked up. Of course, if the doctors 'misremember' when you did verbally withdraw consent; and say you did it at the last possible minute then it's an unfortunate tragedy. Which is also legal. Functionally-speaking they have next to no accountability.

And this is why lots of people say birth rape doesn't exist. Because once you are in a medical setting (including a home birth with a regular midwife) all normal standards of consent go out of the window.

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