Today I learned that non-spayed female ferrets will die if they don't have sex. They go into season and don't come out until they have mated, and the associated elevated oestrogen levels eventually cause anemia and death.

Just because food is a basic need doesn't entitle you to steal it from others, so why would sex be any different? People need sex. Why is that statement so controversial?

Because it's not true. And it's especially not when compared to food like you did. Sexual release is good for you and healthy, but there's no need for it to be through anything other than masturbation.

What people do need, because we are social animals that naturally live in groups such as tribes and families, is socialization, intimacy, and close attachments. These things are important for our mental health. Sex is a form of intimacy but you don't really need it if your need for human connection is fulfilled elsewhere.

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