Today In LSC: "Pay-To-Sit," Anti-Homeless Benches w/Spikes

I work in a park.. On the face of it, it should be fine to let homeless people sleep on a bench at night.. But.. Homeless people need to use the toilet so they tend to go in the bushes and then someone has to clean up the faeces. A lot of them are alcoholics and they throw their cans and bottles into the bushes. A lot of them are on drugs, they leave needles and tablet wrappers all over the place. When they find a good spot, they set up camp there. I've had to clean up some of these spots inside the park and there were some very, very nasty sights and biohazards.. It's not just as simple as "you can't sleep on this bench". One day we did a massive clean up, took all the sleeping bags, mattresses etc and got rid of them.. Next morning our building was burnt out. Long term homeless people dont even want houses.. There's people living in the park over 30 years. People say it's terrible, the amount of homeless people but a lot of these people wouldn't live in houses if they were offered. Schizophrenics, addicts, mentally ill people..they wouldn't last in housing because there's so much drama

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