Today, my brother got sent to mental institution because of me, and I'm glad

She's been mask-off with more than one person.

Here she is with another person:

Here is another harassing DM the sister sent to another Redditor, u/DreadfulNightSleep, who had first posted this situation to BORU:

Well, its down. It was sooo easy, no questions asked. My family doesnt even know, I made it up. I dont think they would even care lol. My freak brother is finally locked up. He will never get out. Thank god. Such a relieve. He was such a AH to all of us, he doesnt get to gather sympathy from anyone. I will even delete this account and erase everything. He deserves to be forgotten. I even smoked his hidden weed lol. Bye bye, karma wh...gatherer

Link to screenshot of message:

She has a psychotic fantasy of her brother being imprisoned permanently for not worshipping her and not rocking the boat in a very obvious messed up home life. My hope is that her fantasy will be dashed when the mental health professionals instead help the brother untie himself from his toxic family and help him to not feel guilty. Hopefully they see the guys pain as being due to a messed up family. With therapy I hope he permanently cuts off that toxic AF family.

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