"As of today, version 2.4.6 has been tested on over 10k examinees who completed examinations without issue"

All of their public data is skewed. They have an extremely narrow definition of what is a technical issue, as well as bullshitting as much as they can with the numbers.

"Sandberg said that ExamSoft has completed more than 11,000 support cases for October bar examinees since Sept. 1, and that only 5% of those cases involved technical problems. Most of them related to downloading the software or instructing examinees on how to use it, she added."

BS. I highly doubt over 11k support cases were bright future lawyers just inquiring how to use or download examsoft (a program most of us are familiar with and not hard to figure out). All of us asking how to download or use the program is definitely because there was something wrong with the download and software, not because we didn't know how to enter a password or click the highlight button.

Personally, I had an issue downloading the application. The rep had the balls to tell me that my state of art MacBook was the issue and not the software, despite having the correct computer requirements in their guideline. It downloaded but never started, just a blank blue screen - which then broke something in my laptop, rendering my screen unresponsive for hours at a time. A huge Apple repair fee later, I got my computer back and I managed to get it to work myself after two days of tinkering around and hard prayers that it wouldn't destroy my laptop again. It roughly worked for the mock exams, but it was lagging when it came to the essays and took a few seconds to select an MC answer and to move to the next question.

I guarantee most of those 11k calls were real issues with their computer and examsoft sees it as a "user problem" or "hardware problem", meanwhile the 5% are situations even they can't BS their way out of.

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