Today's weed is really strong

Not a sage; will try to answer anyway.

Knowing nothing about the world or people, you're right - having goals is "good", even simple ones as 'not dying'. Also, a narrative is a good way to achieve these goals.

However, a real fact of living is that our narrative abilities are very limited - the narrative is sparse, late, often inconsistent and not constructive.

So when you say "if I let go I will die because I won't want to live because nothing matters" is an error on the side of you know what will happen. In actuality, you "let go" your not wanting to most of your

You can think of "letting go" as a constant skepticism of your ability to understand what's going on - you think you know that it's the Devil, or the worst or best thing in the world. After some basic examination of the facts of the matter, you'll see that you're wrong. Repeat with enough self-conscienceless and you start questioning this system's abilities.

This is not to say that narrative structures are not useful or important - arguably they are what makes us human,

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