TOE and God


I want to start off by addressing that I am in no way shape or form, a certified philosopher or anything, so please read my post from a viewpoint of a random stranger that merely expressing his idea for purpose of conversation.

I feel like the more we "know" the more we realize we don't know. Being that knowledge is a compounded practice, rather than acquired learning.

speaking on the God subject, If you look back in history many great and intelligent men would say that "it is the work of God" when they came across something they just could not comprehend. (Newton was one..)

On the theory of everything allow me to indulge you for a moment. If you look at life (not just talking humans and animals) but everything we consider living, you will see common trends. I wont get into every detail but I will get the main idea across, Life has a tendency to replicate and spread. Wither its bacteria or your mom and dad, life has a natural current flow to do just this; replicate. It is just another natural process of life. I mean think about the near future, man wants to colonize Mars. That's expanding of life on a now planetary scale, its just what we do. Now saying this, I myself have a Theory on Everything. While its only really relevant to my life and I don't expect it to be an answer for everyone and everything, it works for me.

The short to this is: look at life on the WIDEST scale you can. Now compare living things and try to notice trends that all life has in common. You would surprisingly find a lot of things that only brings more questions (exciting!), but then ask yourself, "Why?". Why is it that life follows this spreading trend, or, Why is diversity necessary to life? and so on... Now I cannot say if there is a God or not, but my take on it is that God is not merely something that is in front of us, but rather behind us. Meaning that he is not some knowledge we must Achieve but rather a singularity that was the start. Another of life's tendencies is to go from single to multiple. This is why people accept the ideas of the big bang, or evolution. They notice the trends all around them and it makes sense that everything works that way. Is how you and I were made (sperm), is how business is run, and how planets were formed; stemming from one singular aspect into multiple. I suppose that this is the fundamental cause of argument between believers and evolutionists.

Phew this is long and im not really sure where I even ended up but ill sum it up.

TL;DR: Remember that acquiring knowledge of something is only a temporary brief understanding of that thing as a whole.

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