I was told that the 3,000+ views I got on a single day came from a post on here. Thank you ALL very much for that, & also, here is a Vin Diesel compilation you may find fun.... Enjoy!

I was mind-blown when I saw that in one day I went up a few thousand views and 100 or so subscribers.... as the proprietor of a tiny YouTube channel where hard work yields little-to-no recognition, you can understand why I was touched when I found out what happened on this page. Anyway, you guys are awesome and I will try to keep this audience in mind when I make more videos in the future. Love and blessings to all of yous :)

P.S. The channel to which I am referring is Super Electrocuted for anyone who cares to find out more. Message me here or on YouTube anytime if you have requests, or if you just want someone to talk to

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