I was told it belong here

When I was about 10, around 1992, some foreign missionaries cane to our church. They were from Bosnia, I think.

They bragged about having gone AWOL for Jesus, and then storming a church with their weapons.

They said they pretended to be on the other side, and after shooting into the ceiling, they said that anyone who wasn’t really a Christian could leave, and they would live.

They said about half the people left. And then they told the remaining people that they were Christians too, but they didn’t want to worship with anyone who wasn’t serious about their faith.

I dunno how much of that is true. Probably none of it. But my suburban church applauded the shit out of them, and then took a special offering for them, to ensure they’d have the funds to get to the next church on their American tour.

They didn’t shoot up my church, though. So to this day, I dunno who was really a Christian, I guess.

That said...

To make it clear, I don’t care to find out, and I don’t want to even imply that I wish there was any gunfire at anytime, anywhere. Because that’s just fucked up. They applauded. Not me. And this was over 25 years ago.

Cheers, friends.

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