i was told to come here after posting about intrusive thoughts

I'm sure there are. Post this on the r/OCD subreddit and seek online therapy. Be specific about why you can't go alone and how you would like to talk to someone who can diagnose you.
I think there are free programs depending on the country, and especially because you are underage.
Don't worry! OCD or not, there is help for you too. OCD is more than managable under the right treatment, and it's not very life-changing if you keep it under control.
OCD is common and many people live their life to it's fullest with it treated.
Please tell your story on the sub and ask for directions, I'm sure a lot of people will give you more details. :)
We'll see from there.

You're brave for reading it! And until you get better, remember what you read and try to ignore your bad thoughts, focus on something else

Sadly, this is harder without proper medication, but hopefully you'll get it sooner or later. Meds make it go away.

This was my answer. Reply when you want to so I can delete it. :)

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