Told my BF I don't want kids. He told me, 'oh, we can just get a surrogate.'

I'm happy that this kind of conversation took place at the "boyfriend" level, as it should. Don't want to be having this conversation with a "spouse".

I had a girlfriend in college who insisted she didn't want kids and that ended being 50% of our compatibility issues and was one of the reasons why we broke, we were 21, I wanted children at the time but not before we were done and successful with our careers, financial stability, yada yada.

She ended up having children at age 33... We spoke and her mother "instinct" kicked in, so she wanted children later. I don't blame her, I get it, 12 years later we were different people, mentally and emotionally, but she was stubborn about not opening her mind to the possibility of children.

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