I told my boyfriend how I was born from incest... his reaction was beautiful

I was the result of a fling between my parents. My dad had already been married with two kids, who he divorced and lost custody of due to assault on his ex-wife. He never told my mom about his past and his jail sentence, although she knew he had been married previously. I was born, and my mum moved into a house which my dad said he would move in to. He never did. Turned out he remarried someone behind my mum’s back BEFORE they got married, and she was expecting his child. My younger half-brother was born the year after me. She broke up with him, and moved in with her parents. When I was told all of this when I was older, it was pretty shameful to realise that I and my mum were just a mistake to my dad, and he was already married with a kid on the way. I met my younger half-siblings (he and his wife had another child, a baby girl) and that was the time that his wife at the time learned of how close the age gap was to me and my half-brother. She learnt of the fling him and my mum had, and threw him out the house, got custody of both the kids. She never blamed me or my mum, although I did feel terrible for being the one to ruin their family and was awfully guilty. My half-brother forgave me and said that our dad was never a good person in the first place. I haven’t seen my half-siblings in six years, but I just hope they’re doing well, as well as their mother.

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