Told my ex-wife if it weren't for our daughter, I wouldn't ever talk to her again.

You said she never told you things before, well you made the point here that you considered being called a dick as verbal abuse and being called numerous times that night harassment. Have you considered that maybe you blocked her out or didn’t listen to her feelings so she stopped communicating with you? And started relying on her friend as emotional support. It sounds like after you separated she went to her friend and then it became official between them. But up until that point it was more emotional. So she was going through something and didn’t feel like she could come to you with it. She said you treated her bad in the marriage and you didn’t know that, how could you not know that? She didn’t fight at all to save the marriage, she split everything with you evenly. She wanted OUT. I don’t know what you did, but you should own up to your behavior because you have a kid together.

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