I told my [friends with benefits] is trying to lose weight so I will make her my girlfriend, after I told her I wasn't that attracted to her.

Men are different than girls that is for sure. I feel women are more likely to get attached to a friend they are sleeping with as opposed to men who can shut those feeling off. You opened a can of warms by sleeping and talking to a girl you already knew had a crush on you.. but what is done is done. First of all stop sleeping with her if you haven't already. You are just complicating things even more by doing so. You may even have to go as far as not talking to her anymore. I know... sex can really kill a good friendship :/ Anywho before you do anything drastic Has she even mentioned or implied anything about wanting to be in a relationship with you after you told her you are not attracted to her. Women can be weird creatures and may have the need to over share with people they care about. Could have been that she is actually just getting fit for herself and has nothing to do with you. I text friends pictures of how much I lift at the gym or how much I am squatting. It has nothing to do with them personally I just like to share when I hit a new PR. I am proud of myself of my accomplishments and like to share. I also text my fiends that are girls pics of what I have for lunch. It also helps encourage them to eat healthy. Getting fit would be more about me than anything else. I wouldn't change who I am to please a man. Anyways if you feel that she definitely is doing this for you then I would let her down gently. Just let her know that you don't see yourself being in a romantic relationship with her ever. May be a tough pill for her to swallow, but better now before she gets even more attached. Anyways good luck mate and hopefully you can learn from this experience :)

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