Tom Clancy's Rainbow Six Siege Official - Operator Gameplay Trailer

Like, what are you expecting that they aren't delivering that would make this a better hyper-realistic tactical shooter?

Video games have a limitation on how much "fun" can be had with a theme. FPS are even more restrictive on this, since a lot of realistic things are considered very anti-fun.

It's not so much about realism as it is about the game being dumbed down and simplified for the lowest common denominator player. The thing that made the original Rainbow Six, SWAT 4 and similar games so enjoyable is that they didn't assume the player was an idiot who needed to have their hand held at every turn. Most modern shooters like COD, BF4 (and even some of the more "realistic" games like RO2) are full of hand holding to the extent where there are only a small subset of skills a player needs to master to become good at them, not to mention all the carrots in these games (progression, unlocks) that reduce gameplay to being nothing more than a simple grindfest.

The great thing about the aforementioned, classic tactical shooters is that they expected a lot from players and the payoff for successfully accomplishing something was higher as a result. The number of skills you had to master was comparatively broad and these aspects were grounded (not "gamey") in such a way that they added to immersion: you had to be able to read a map, make detailed plans to carry out, gain situational awareness through subtle environmental cues (without HUD indicators plastered all over the place), movement/stances and aiming felt grounded and plausible (though not clunky), and most importantly, you had to communicate effectively. 

Modern shooters de-emphasize all of these aspects: not only is the map so simple a monkey could read it but detailed HUD information lets you know where everything is (including your teammates), movement is so smooth and precise that the players can move throughout the world without having to take their virtual bodies into consideration, and crosshairs are universal so that sights are just an option for increased accuracy instead of being a necessity.

In modern shooters, the only skill that are necessary for mastery are reflexes and positioning. Everything else is simplified to the point where it requires very little mastery. This basically reduces the game to the tactical equivalent of Whack-a-Mole. In proper tactical shooters, reflexes are just one aspect among many and won't be enough to save you if you neglect everything else.

The problem with Rainbow Six: Siege is that it has more in common with these watered down AAA shooters than it does with its early predecessors. The map has been simplified, there are crosshairs, movement seems to be very smooth, you can see your teammates through walls, there is a shit load of HUD information, and so on. It looks more complex than most spunkgargleweewee games but that's not saying very much. It's nothing like the originals.

In short, the reason people like "realism" and high level tactics in shooters is the same reason why many people prefer to drive standard vehicles over automatics, prefer to drink wine instead of beer, and would rather watch Interstellar or Inception than Transformers 3. 

It's about having acquired tastes and higher standards. These contribute to a deeper kind of "fun".

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