Tom Cruise sitting casually on Burj Khalifa vs Will Smith

In a top-secret laboratory hidden deep beneath the streets of Hollywood, a team of scientists worked tirelessly to grow clones of the world's most famous movie star, Tom Cruise.

Using advanced technology and techniques, the scientists were able to replicate Cruise's DNA and create a series of vats filled with nutrients and growth hormones to nurture the clones as they developed.

As the clones grew and matured, the scientists carefully monitored their progress, making sure that each one was an exact replica of the original. They even went so far as to recreate Cruise's famous smile and piercing blue eyes, using advanced genetic manipulation techniques.

Finally, after months of hard work, the clones were ready. They were identical to Tom Cruise in every way, from their physical appearance to their acting abilities and charming personalities.

The scientists were thrilled with their success and immediately began planning to use the clones in the film industry. They knew that the clones would be able to work nonstop, never getting tired or sick and always delivering perfect performances.

But as they prepared to unveil their creations to the world, the scientists began to have second thoughts. They realized that cloning a human being was a moral and ethical dilemma, and they weren't sure if they were comfortable with the consequences of their actions.

In the end, the scientists decided to destroy the clones and abandon the project. They knew that while they had achieved their scientific goal, the cost was simply too high.

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