Tom Cruise yells at Mission Impossible 7 staff for breaking COVID safety protocols

Welp, that’s pretty disappointing that our society will be stupid enough to not ask better, smarter questions. A few examples;

  1. Is America really the richest country in the world if it thinks a one-time $1,200 check is enough to sustain people for months?

  2. Why is it more important to focus on who we let suffer and not why we allowed people to suffer?

  3. If old people really don’t matter that much, why do we let them vote and drive? Why don’t we just give them mandatory DNR’s after, like, 75 so that medical resources aren’t wasted? (This one should be asked with some sarcasm.

  4. Why did we not care that some people were suffering life-altering health effects?

  5. What’s worse, a person losing their job/business or losing their life or suffering from life changing health defects?

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