Tom and Matt, i love these to death.

Here i am stressing that the internet is just going out of control, ya know, people all over the place just over exaggerating, people using sayings and one liners, people not saying exactly what they mean or how it is, like man....this place is all just going to hell, how are we supposed to tell what they really mean???????

Could he have meant it's a really bad guitar but it also looks really good???? Or is it actually in the Guinness book or records as the official worst guitar ever made?? I simply must know, i cannot figure this out on my own, but how will i ever be saved from my turmoil? There's just nobody out there to police it!!! Nobody to keep these savages that confuse me so much in check..... BUT WAIT!! but's fuckface u/greenday987 here to keep shit literal. We're all saved!!!

It's a fucking piece of shit guitar originally and they made it sound even worse, it is up there with one of the worst, i haven't seen the official list my self so that is just my assumption, but if you must, you can google it yourself and see posts on guitar forums of other people saying how bad the guitar is and hows it the worst the have ever played. You're annoying and mildly autistic. Fuck off and begone now.

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