Tom Wilson & Brendan Lemieux drop the gloves

Wait, I'm confused.

So am I after this response. I don't think you read what I wrote or watched a single one of those clips otherwise you wouldn't still be going on about this

Are you trying to imply that every fight from Lemieux he does this?

What the fuck does this sentence even mean? What are you asking here? Who is "he" in this context? Jesus fucking Christ you type about as well as you read apparently.

I just provided you with like 10 examples of Wilson not doing what you assert to be something he "always does"

So I invited you to provide me with even a single counterexample and you failed to do so.

In your own links he jumps Oleksiak. You literally skates full speed out of nowhere, drop the gloves five feet away and starts fighting.

What the fuck clip did you watch? Olekisak went after Wilson in that video you fucking dolt.

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