Tom's a POS. As if he would have proposed if they went to Grand Canaria. Darcey is a bit crazy but that is such a tease... what a dick.

Tom is a diabolical sadist, he gets off on hurting Darcy, he’s playing her like a fiddle and it’s hard to watch cause she goes so deep into her feelings, I feel like we literally watched a piece of Darcy die last night when he said that.

Don’t get me wrong, Darcy is utterly insane and relentless at finding true love but I’m starting to think that she needs a little more help than just therapy - her behavior (while drinking or not) is not normal at all, she is extremely up and down and you can cut the jealousy between her and her sister with a knife.

IMHO I think Darcers could use a few weeks away from it all, get off the alcohol and maybe start some antipsychotics. I say this because I’m all fucked up on steroids right now (which I’ve been taking since May for medical reasons) - not only do they wreak physically havoc on my body but I literally spiraled into steroid induced mania, it’s a real thing and it’s scary as hell when you’re in it! When I told my doctor how I chased down someone for throwing trash out of their window he called me in Xanax and some antipsychotics and thank God he did cause my family was afraid of me - I’m much more calmer now and I’m less angry, I even drive slower now too. Not saying it’s for everyone but Darcy needs help badly.

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