Toni Kroos begins to think about his future and creates a real estate company.

Toni Kroos has launched into the real estate field, creating the company already known as Kroos Properties XXI SL .

The activity of this new midfielder company began in the middle of last February, and its corporate purpose -as reflected in its description- includes "the promotion, construction, purchase, sale, leasing, transformation, development and marketing in general of all kinds of buildings ”.

It will have a share capital of 3,000 euros

Toni Kroos is the sole partner and administrator of this company that was born with a share capital of 3,000 euros and that will have its registered office in the exclusive Madrid estate of La Finca, located in Pozuelo de Alarcón. A few meters from this new headquarters the footballer himself resides, as well as a large carousel of names of personalities related to the world of football.

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