Too bad Zelda was delayed and there's not some other huge Wii U title that will be released this year... hmmm...

No, you were telling me my opinion was irrelevant, cause I liked a different game series as you.
well FUCK YOU.
How does that sound ?

You are saying I shouldn't like Zelda cause you don't see it's charm meanwhile saying I am wrong for not finding the same charm as you in xenoblade ?
Could you be more of a pathetic little fanboy shit ?

I made it veyr clear I didn't like xenoblade PERSONALLY, but that I was glad it had big fans, but if those fans can't do anything better with their time then be little annoying shits to me for simple 'not having enjoyed' the game ?
then fuck them.

Ooh and this isn't anything new though.
every single time someone dares say they disliked something about xenoblade the parade arrives a couple minutes later to talk about their glorious game while insulting everyone who disliked it.

This comment says more then enough about your stance.
you say one thing and then do it yourself.

Not a single time did I say Zelda was better then xenoblade in this entire thread.
All I said about zelda is that combat isn't 90% of it's gameplay
Yet look who is the only one directly insulting the value and fans of the other's franchise without any provocation.
Stating your opinion on zelda as hard cold facts and saying everyone who likes it more (than xenoblade) is nothing more but a "circlejerking nintendo fanboy stuck in the past"

I said each and every time : "I thought xenoblade was boring personally"
"I didn't enjoy the combat myself" etc...

Your way of saying stuff about zelda ?

rather than the 20 hour badly-paced convoluted bore that is Legend of Zelda.

No, "I think zelda's pacing is bad" or "I prefer something like xenoblade over the zelda formula that has become tired for me" no.


I dislike the combat system of xenoblade.
Without the combat system of xenoblade you can't reach anything worthwhile that is more 'gameplay' then : Walk there, collect this, talk to this, read lore, etc...
therefor xenoblade wasn't enjoyable to me.

If you liked it : good for you, I am (was) genuinely glad for you, the xenoblade community and monolith.
Sadly I don't feel the same way, and playing through the game for the time that I did was a bore for me.
It's characters didn't capture me, it's story didn't intrigue me, it's combat bored me, and all the little extra stuff wasn't enough to save that.

simple right ?

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