Too Much of a Sexual Motif. Lack of Identity.

You don't have to put labels on things. I like to imagine a society where gender roles are reversed. We probably wouldn't question them, as most people do today. You can express femininity in any way you feel comfortable, that doesn't mean you need to transition.

Before I transitioned socially, I was always had a female social circle. I always loved makeup, long hair, and envied women. They could present as feminine as they wanted without judgement. I lived as a feminine boy that wore makeup everyday and shopped in the women's section, then tried to pass as a girl. It was great being able to go outside and not get dirty looks from strangers anymore, but transitioning does not fix everything.

It sounds like you are suppressing your feminine side. You should be able to talk about your feelings, order girly drinks, and do what your heart desires- But if you feel out of place wearing makeup and feminine clothing, what would change if you transitioned? You are still the same person. It is okay to have both a masculine and a feminine side as a guy.

I've known several guys that hate using their penis, but they don't plan on transitioning. They usually have a submissive role in the bedroom and have anal sex. I don't know your sexuality but there's also a new wave of men that like having their girl partner peg them haha. There are so many ways for men to have pleasurable sex without the traditional way of using their penis.

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