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Dentists' logic 15 10dys funny 1
True... 7 1mo funny 0
So true. 11 1mo funny 1
I bought your ultra sensitive toothpaste, your super glide floss, AND your $150 electronic toothbrush! What do you want from me?! 22 3mos funny 2
So true 85 5mos funny 2
The Simpsons know the truth. 184 7mos funny 5
So, I went to the dentist today. This has never been so true... 108 7mos funny 6
My dentist in a nutshell 1688 11mos funny 38
Pretty much sums up every trip to the dentist. 24 11mos funny 3
Sums up the dentist 36 11mos funny 2
True Words 25 1yr funny 2
So true... 714 1yr funny 18
Pretty much.. 85 1yr funny 1
Got a long speech from my dentist about proper brushing even though I brush and floss twice a day in the exact manner he told me to.. This came to mind... 287 1yr funny 12
The Simpsons is always true 11 1yr pics 4
I've just returned from the dentist with another date booked in a couple of weeks because apparently I have been brushing TOO well and have created weak spots in my enamel. I couldn't help remembering one of the old Simpsons classics. 2343 1yr funny 149
So true. 24 1yr funny 2
So true 41 1yr funny 2
Every time at the dentist.. 54 1yr funny 2
So true 4727 2yrs funny 1275
4 out of 5 dentists agree... 3061 4mos funny 78
My favorite line from the Simpsons 21 5mos funny 7
The Simpsons has been so true throughout my life 120 1mo funny 4
So true B 10 1mo funny 5
i celebrate 10 years with my SO that is a dental nurse this month. This is the most accurate way I can describe what I've learnt 20 6mos funny 1

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