It took 19.5 years but I did it!

Good for you man! My parents are polish immigrants right off the boat as refugees of communism. I was fist gen born here all because of immigration. The world is for everyone even though politics get in the way as well as borders. That being said the worldbif for everyone no matter what race or religeon. My father ironically turned out to be very racist and my mother is stereotypical about people from the fact she grew up in the city projects, but she means well though very skiddish. My father is just a hateful person... i dont talk to him (for many different reasons) and my mother recalls stories of the irish kids beating her up when she was a kid. She didnt let it shape her though even though she is overly cautiouse around certain people out of fear. My generation however (late 90s), and my friends are different and dont judge people by stereorype and are accepting. At least my friends. Im happy to see people accepted into this country just as my parents were when they needed a new start. Just like the founding fathers intended and what built this country. Sorry for the random rant i just recently got prescribed adderall. But as i always say, "fuck ya human gang".

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