I took an Alka-Seltzer thirty minutes after I took 20MG Adderall. Thirty minutes later, I experienced a surge of Adderall Euphoria that I haven’t felt in months due to tolerance. Why would this happen?

I'm prescribed both 30mg of elvanse (Vyvanse in US) and 40mg of omeprazole and have been on various combinations of ADHD medication and PPIs (finally sticking with the 40mg omeprazole) for much of my late teens. This is shocking to me as I had heard of antacids potentiating amphetamine but I had always thought that was exclusively carbonate type ones not PPIs. No wonder elvanse gives me such major side effects (a significant comedown featuring compulsive dopamine seeking behaviours like staring at reddit or youtube for hours going on basically every link even ones I don't find interesting and a strong euphoric phase at the beginning) and I'm on the lowest dose available.

I'm surprised no doctor has noticed this? Is it not listed as a contraindication? I have been unknowingly been ingesting much larger doses of these dopaminergic drugs than I realised for many of my forming years potentially damaging my dopamine signalling in some way. Especially since I used to be prescribed much higher doses than the one I'm currently on.

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