We took the CGC and almost passed! Here's the full report.

(Wall of text coming, sorry.)

Our trainer gave it to us after our initial consultation and, admittedly, I abandoned it after a few days. I'm planning on doing it, along with the kikopup capturing calm training.

Roshi is perfectly calm indoors, at home but the second we step outside he is somewhere between yellow and orange. Adequate exercise is immensely helpful as an outlet for his energy but doesn't do much to train him that outside = safe/fun.

His reactivity stems from his anxiety. He's constantly scanning and on high alert. If he perceives something as a threat, he'll bark/growl/lunge first, ask questions later. After a lot of work, he's finally not perceiving other dogs as, as big a threat anymore.

I think the protocol will help him, but he has remarkable impulse control when he isn't over threshold. The problem is keeping him under threshold enough to practice. Even right outside our apartment is difficult for him some days, though he's much better there than he used to be. I'd love to back up and work super incrementally (in the apartment>outside the apartment door>in the stair well>in front of the building exit), but there's far too much traffic in/out of our building to do anything uninterrupted and we can't risk his arch nemesis in the building coming out while we're there. (I can't wait until we move this summer.)

Writing this all is kind of stressing me out, but the truth is that he's actually improving so much and I'm not giving him enough credit. The other day in his rally class, he was surrounded by 5 other reactive dogs, one had, had a meltdown a few min ago, and there was one dog w/in ~8 feet of him on either side. All the while he managed to calmly sit/lay/stand repeatedly and perfectly while I walked around him in circles. He was actually one of the few dogs in the class who could maintain the stand and stay while I circled.

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