I took hundreds of thousands of pictures of the moon in different phases and blended them together to create my new favorite ultra-high resolution image of our cosmic neighbor. [OC]

i never said that government created the sky...lmao I said that government pushes and agenda to get you to believe in the lies of the heliocentric model of the universe, that anyone with an IQ of 90 cant debunk as "truth".. Starting to really struggle with believing you are an "astronomer"...

I am not trying to insult you, i just can never get anyone to understand that they are very indoctrinated based on a set of agendas and ideas that were handed to your at a very young age in which you base your core beliefs of the heliocentric model on. This is why you parrot the knee jerk response to anyone who questions this cult ideology.

So what do you think of NASA and their nonstop lying ,fake pics and the claims that they "lost" the data to "get to the moon"? Its such clownish buffoonery that its hard to fathom anyone but a child believing this nonsense! So, what do you think of 6 astronauts who faked their deaths in the 80s? And after that , how could you NOT question the agenda of NASA , a military owned entity of the federal government? Or will you just pretend you didn't see the pic and the video i posted like most people who blindly believe in 'space travel'? I believe i have made my case , as you duck and dodge my questions and make up things that i never once said to attempt to discredit what i am stating...as usual people who feel the need to tell me i am wrong cannot explain why or how what i am saying is possible or how its "wrong"

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