It took me 1 hour and 45 minutes to get home from downtown today—a normally 15 minute drive.

I spent three years here 2005-2008 and we used to joke that the city was laid out by a drunken monkey using watercolors.

I came back in 2018 part-time, but I live near Ohio and work in Farmington Hills. I did the Park-n-Ride thing for a year. It was mostly okay, but took a lot of extra time and planning. I never missed a class on account of the buses, even in the winter.

This semester I can't miss that much work, so I just budget for the parking garages (Forest and Maynard). Even paying 4-5 times a week is cheaper than a monthly parking pass (by quite a bit), and those only get you to the outside lots anyway. Now, if everyone starts commuting to the parking garages, it's going to completely suck. As it stands I've only been blocked out by a full garage twice; once I was able to get street parking on South U, and the other time I had to drive all the way to the City/Library garage.

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