took my ambien, couldn’t fall asleep, had a scary trip, took a bath to calm down, made a friend.

Lmaoo do you think talking about how your “water fall guardian saved you from shadow people “ will really drive people away or do you think people are going to use no matter what and they should have harm reduction tools not scare tactics used against them, lets be real people have tried using fear to prevent drug use for years for example and it doesn’t deter it in anyway it just leads to misinformation, perfect example; LSD plenty of people go into acid trips expecting to see things that don’t happen because of bullshit stories. So to me at lest Harm reduction wise a story that doesn’t even describe an ambien high or high dose” trip” close to accurately does necessarily help negate someone from becoming a user of ambien and definitely doesn’t help anyone looking for an accurate trip report. It typically does the opposite especially when using exaggerated effects a good example of that happening now easily is all the tiktok kids who’re trying nutmeg, datura, HWBR, etc. because of Tiktoks filled with misinformation saying it “makes you trip like LSD” . Don’t get me wrong I love this subreddit & when it was still in its prime and not filled with fake posts cus of the few funny posts that went viral and they’re here for humor mostly which I totally get it’s not on them, I’m not saying it in itself shouldn’t be allowed, drugs can be enjoyed fine recreationally, ambien included, this subreddit has had plenty of examples of actual realistic trip reports on ambien that were still hilarious & still do from time time to time or people on here while under the influence and because of a few viral posts has become mainly people making fake posts for satire which is fine if they just advertise everything as satire rather than mixing in harm reduction & real trip reports, it’s basically glorifying this aspect & side effect of a high dose ambien “trip” which is in reality isn’t something most people who abuse it want to get to, or in many cases doesn’t even exist or is highly exaggerated and unrealistic.

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