Took my first blacksmithing class! This might become an expensive hobby.

I caught the blacksmithing bug about a year ago. I went to a class and it just made things worse lol. I work a 60+ hour a week job and have a toddler but I have been able to gather stuff together hear and there. There are lots of forge options. I went with a small atlas forge knifemaking forge. It works for me cause it is compact, not overly loud and it is pretty efficient on propane. Buy thick stock to make tongs. 3/8ths looks thick enough but it will bend when you hammer the work you are holding with them. My wife has been a good sport throughout the process. Just make sure you don’t get lost in it for a whole weekend unless you plan it ahead of wife doesn’t like that. Overall I have spent way less money than if I went to the driving range or bowling once a week. If you are in an apartment for awhile stock removal might be a decent option to get started, but I know once I had put a hammer to yellow hot steel I was hooked.

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