She took out half of the top contenders

Okay, I'm gonna go against the grain here and say that you all are fucking out of your minds. Jesus Christ, you are acting like this woman murdered your dog and ran.

Let's be clear here: What she did was beyond idiotic. She should have paid attention and realized that bringing a long piece of cardboard and holding it out in front of a group of bundled up cyclists wasn't a smart thing to do.

THAT BEING SAID, you all are just so ridiculous with your reactions. This woman was at a major sporting event, saw a camera and decided to whip out her makeshift sign to have a little fun. Something people do at nearly every sporting event in the goddamn world. She wasn't having some ulterior motive of attention seeking or being a cunt; she was just doing what so many others do. She just happened to be stupid about it and royally fucked up because she was right at the edge of the road.

And come on, how many of you actually care about the Tour de France? Maybe a small percentage do but did you even know this was going on? Were you following it? Did you eagerly anticipate this race and get disappointed when this crash happened?

Or did you just see this video, immediately call her a POS and went to the next post?

Come on, now, be honest.

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