Why is toothbrushing such a difficult thing for adhd?

Schedule all personal hygiene tasks at the same time as your showers!

I'm a usually one-shower-a-day kinda person, which usually happens at 9-10pm, after I've had dinner and all my chores are done and I'm not planning to do or eat anything for the rest of the night.

Here's how I do it: turn on the shower, get wet, turn off the shower. Get all lathered up, and turn it back on, and brush my teeth as I stand there waiting for the water to rinse me off.

My main thought is always "as long as I'm naked, I'm gonna do all the hygiene stuff", so I try to do my 3-step skincare routine and other grooming stuff right after I'm done with my shower. Once in my sleeping clothes (or day clothes, if I'm feeling like a diurnal shower), I'm not doing them anymore.

The one thing I do struggle to do consistently is WASHING MY HAIR, specially when it's long. My hair is VERY voluminous and heavy, even though the strands are straight and on the thinner side; I just have a lot of it.

Ideally, I'd wash it every other day and let it air dry because blow-dryers are the WORST - but when it's really long... I try to force myself to wash it twice a week, at least. HOWEVER, I'VE RECENTLY SHAVED HALF MY HAIR OFF and chopped the remaining length in half, so it's a lot less of a hassle to wash it!!

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