Top 5 gacha games of 2020 disappointed you?

sounds like you just don't like the gameplay loop.

the fact that you refer to it as a gameplay loop says something about the state of the game.

No amount of stamina will help you out there.

yes, im not sure why you think youre making a point here when im pointing out a lack of content. and with "content", i mean proper content.

I tried to push you away from the shallow "no content" complaint and into a more nuanced "why isn't content meanignful to you", but it seems you aren't willing or can't express why.

ive already made the point that a linear campaign doesnt constitute content. id appreciate it if you could try to stop being deliberately obtuse for one moment and read what youre responding to. you look at games like IC that have been out less than genshin, and you see game modes like miracle or illusion corridor with novel ideas that incentivize progression and replayability. game modes that actually reward you for investing into your characters. game modes with roguelike ideas that offer a new experience every set period of time.

what does genshin impact have? the weekly content where you clash the rng of how many constellations you have against some abyss floors? use x element against y enemy while mashing attack?

if youre going to bother replying, please do stop humiliating yourself.

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