Top Democrat tells Biden administration: Get to work reopening border with Canada

As an american who just drove from alaska to the united states entering back into the US. Total trip time was 52 hours in canada. We were granted exception for essential travel but the guide lines on what we could and could not do was so unclear.

No documtation could be provided as to what was allowed i.e. fastfood/hotel/entering gas station. Slept in the car and payed at the pump.

I feel for you guys. Would have loved to support the local businesses along the route but the fear of being incarcerated in a foreign country for something so silly (vaccinated) didn't sit well.

Worst part of all... We did do the mandatory covid test with in 24hrs of being in the country. Went through the whole telemedicine special with the nurse. Nurse then told us they did not know where the drop box location was in white horse. She instructed we contact purolator. I sat on hold for 20 minutes before I did a simple google search for there location in white horse. They were being dropped off at a fedex location. Called the location they said yes they take them. Went into the location (right there wasn't sure if I broke some goofy rule and could be in trouble with your country. There was no drop box outside.) Guy took the context of the kit scanned it in and set in the pile of red bags behind him saying they would be picked up that night. Now 2 days after doing that try to see my results on switch portal and it says I have to schedule a pick up location. Then it wants the barcode off the package. HAD I KNOWN THIS I WOULD HAVE DONE IT BUT NOT EVEN THE NURSE KNEW WHERE THIS WAS TO BE DROPPED OFF AT, LACK OF DIRECTION IN THIS SYSTEM.

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