‘Top Gun: Maverick’ Barrel-Rolling To $274M, Becoming Tom Cruise’s Top-Grossing Movie At Domestic Box Office


People need to get their own fucking lives in order before worrying about others.

He's an entertainer. I like watching movies, he makes movies, I watch his movies. I Google him to see what his next movies are. That's the end of what I care about. I'm not bored enough when my own love that I have to sit here on a computer with my dick out squeezing it with rage trying to find every personal detail I can about him like he's a personal detail in my life.

He's just another rich fuck. Except his movies are always fucking awesome.

I watch movie, I forget about him.

Stop treating celebrities like they're your personal friends and what they do affects you. Argue all you want shit what a piece of shit he is because of scientology, people it affects made the choice to engage with someone involved with it, that's their problem. It doesn't matter. Go live your own life and worry about what you're going to make for dinner.

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