Top researchers are calling for a real investigation into the origin of covid-19. A group of prominent biologists say there needs to be a “safe space” for asking whether the coronavirus came out of a lab.

I don't think many people in the scientific world are suggesting it was a lab construct purposefully released as a bioweapon or anything like that. But animal passage research is common in BSL-4 labs like the one in Wuhan, and it would be virtually impossible from studying the virus to tell if the animal passage bringing the virus from bats to humans occurred in the wild or in a lab. The lab in Wuhan has been previously cited for its untrained staff and poor safety practices, so it is not at all inconceivable someone in the lab working with a coronavirus capable of infecting humans got sick and brought it home.

At this point I don't think we'll ever know as China has had more than enough time to destroy all evidence, lied about the virus's origins for months, silenced doctors and scientists who tried to speak out, etc. But while we can be certain the virus wasn't intentionally created and released as a bioweapon, we can't be certain it didn't have its origins in an animal-passage study at the Wuhan lab.

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